On March 4th, 2017 we partnered with the good folks over at The Great Northern to bring you the largest ball pit dance party San Francisco has ever seen! Previously we threw a ball pit dance party at Monarch but wanted to go bigger and better!

The Great Northern was a beautiful venue space where we created two ball pits with musical guests. There were also amazing projections being streamed on the walls while an aerial performer took to the skies.

Our event was completely sold out once again but ended up selling a couple tickets at the door. Attendees arrived early to step down into the ball pit and enjoy some amazing music that got the party going.

Photo by @iaminamaria

Musical guests

Went balls deep this weekend

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Good time in the ball pit.. takes me back to 95 lol #goodfriends #ballpit #party #sanfrancisco #kidatheart

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Guerra de pelotaaaaaas!!!

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Best night ever. #ballpitfun ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ•น

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Oh lord God

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“Really loved the idea and we had a great time, though it was clear showing up earlier was the way to go to take advantage of the ball pits. Overall though, I thought it was organized very well and we had a blast. Ticket price was spot on too, we kept saying ‘this is the best money we’ve spent in a while’ so I feel like the price point hit it on the nose. Fantastic event though, we had a riot!”

-Glen S

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