How to Make a (Casino) Bucket List!

By May 25, 2016 No Comments

We believe in making dreams your reality. Our mission is to inspire individuals to step outside their comfort zone through participation in unique experiences that connect us as human beings. We are building a world where we can live without fear. To unite human-kind through unique, meaningful experiences to better our communities. In this short article, we will try to show you how to live the life to the fullest!

How to Make a Bucket List

The first thing you can do to create your bMaking a bucket list can be a daunting but rewarding taskucket list is to dreamstorm–this is a combination of dreaming and brainstorming. Take out a piece of paper or open a new document and set aside at least 15 minutes to put all of your ideas into writing. Let your mind wander – explore every nook and cranny of your mind.

Make this a list of intentions, not wishes. Most life lists are wish lists. They’re a joy to make, but most are only good for an afternoon of giddy daydreaming. This is because the authors have no real intention to do the things they dream about.

Adding Gambling Related Bucket List Items

Here are some ideas you can add to your bucket list to spicy it up a little bit. Remember that we do not advocate compulsive gambling and that the items presented here as an example are just for fun, not financial ruin. Casino games are fun only as they are done for fun, not out of compulsion or mental impulses.:

  • Enter a world famous casino;
  • Visit Las Vegas;
  • Visit Reno;
  • Learn how to play Texas Holdem’ Poker;
  • Win big on pokies (slot machines);
  • Take a large stroll through a big casino without investing money into anything;
  • Learn to bluff;
  • Learn how to count cards at blackjack;
  • Master the game of Yahtzee;
  • Win at lottery;
  • Win at lotto;
  • Find your lucky number;
  • Get your lucky charm;
  • Play a game at an online casino;Cards cards cards...
  • Read a compulsive gambling prevention guide;
  • Read a testimony of a successful gambler;
  • Read a testimony of an unsuccessful gambler;
  • Discover the historic origins of a particular gambling game;
  • Learn how to build a house of cards;
  • Learn a magic trick involving cards of sleight of hand;
  • Visit Casino de Venezia, the world’s oldest casino;
  • Publish your funniest gambling-involving story;
  • Try to cheat in a friendly game;
  • Buy a casino-themed souvenir;
  • Make a gambling blog;
  • Attend that casino you never really got around to visiting;
  • Make a birthday party in a casino;
  • Make a gambling game a centerpiece of your celebration;
  • Dedicate a gambling win to a certain cause or a charity;
  • Make an art piece using casino-themed colors: black, white and red;
  • Get your own set of artisan made set of playing dice;
  • Obtain a gambling game themed piece of jewelry;
  • Get a magnet from your favorite casino;
  • Leave a permanent footprint in the casino closest to your home;
  • Learn the top 10 biggest casino frauds;
  • Learn the way casino interior and décor influences your gambling;
  • Get a friend to share a casino-related past times together.

As you can see, casinos aren't just about the games – casinos themselves can be a game, too! But don't take our word for that, for example, you can beat bonuses on and win some buck, too! Give it a try – you won't regret it.